Improving Cash Flow Bottom Line Results for your Collection Agency or A/R Department of Your Company

  • The accounts receivable experts
  • Helping you collect delinquent accounts
  • Add value to your company and increase your business equity

Service Areas

We will add value to your business in the areas of:

  • Reviewing collection procedures
  • Recommendations to cash flow practices
  • Credit policy review
  • Billing statement, letter review, design, mailing
  • IT system review and analysis
  • Diversifying services for profit

Sales and Market planning for your business:

  • Training your sales staff
  • Help you recruit sales staff
  • Help create new business services for profit

Staffing, telephone and Compliance Training:

  • Staff A/R training
  • Telephone techniques
  • Compliance training
  • Response / rebuttal-techniques

G2 LLC will provide accounts receivable solutions to your agency, business office or accounts receivable department.

G2 services the following markets and industries:

  • Collection agencies
  • Hospital and medical business office
  • Government agencies
  • Financial institutions